Learn more about the selected projects.

Lotos Nakit Webshop Design and Development

We designed and developed an e-commerce solution for a crystal and mineral dealer from Croatia.

1838 Wallcoverings WP/WC Theme

We upgraded 1838 Wallcoverings’ webshop by migrating it to a custom WooCommerce theme and implementing several custom functionalities.

Aston's of Manchester Webshop

We developed a full e-commerce solution for a Manchester-based tobacco and spirits shop. Our solutions included custom mega menu sourcing from WC categories, a custom search module, and a redesigned WC checkout process.

Scanwel Webshop

We take pleasure in creating bespoke WooCommerce solutions, and this particular project involved a significant amount of customization, including table products view, a custom mini cart, and custom search functionality.

NCS Internal Platform

We developed a tailor-made WordPress solution that enables the NCS team to efficiently manage and display a database of venues in an engaging and dynamic manner.

Old Youth Webshop

We created a WooCommerce shop for Old Youth, a noble UK fashion brand. The shop included a custom photo and video gallery, as well as a product engraving preview feature to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

WT Live - Online Ticketing Solution

We designed and developed a website for WT Live, a prominent wrestling events company in the UK. The website includes an online ticketing system to streamline the ticket purchasing process for customers.

AmeriCamp Canada - WordPress Website

We created a responsive website for AmeriCamp Canada, which adjusts seamlessly to different screen sizes for optimal viewing on various devices. The website was built using WordPress CMS, which allows for easy content editing and management.

Invasion Travel - WordPress Website

We designed and developed another WordPress website for Invasion Travel, a Manchester-based travel company. Our goal was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that accurately showcases the company’s services and destinations.

HASM - WordPress Website

We designed and developed a WordPress website for the Croatian Association for Sports Management. Our aim was to create a simple website that provides valuable information and resources for sports management professionals and enthusiasts in Croatia.

KickGraphics - WordPress Website

We created a responsive WordPress website for KickGraphics, a company specializing in printed visual displays.

Intravelr Network of WordPress Websites

We developed custom WordPress themes for over 10 websites within the Intravelr network. Our aim was to create unique and visually appealing themes that are both user-friendly and optimized for search engines. 

Interactive Web Design Concept

An interactive prototype and concept with custom booking journey designed for a travel company.

Cheesemaking Company Website

We designed and developed a simple WordPress website for a small Croatian cheese factory, showcasing their assortment of cheeses and providing essential information.